About Tati

Namaste, and welcome to Tati Yoga!

My name is Tatiana Salvator. I am a Yoga teacher and an artist.

I come from a family involved in the arts as part of their daily lives. One of five children, all of my siblings continue to be active in the arts. When I was around 13 my dad, recognizing my loving of drawing, put me into an art school where I learned more about sketching. One of my favorite loves was horses which became the focus of my first drawing.

Nowadays I create many types of arts and one of my favorites are hand painted Yoga Mats.

For most, a yoga mat is just a yoga mat. For me, it’s my canvas, and with it I hope to bring inspiration to your yoga practice and everyday living.

The Yoga Mats Artistic Project began with a little spare time, a yoga mat, and some Sharpie pens. From there it blossomed into the spirited creations you will find here on my site.

Looking to fill that empty wall but can’t quite find the right piece of art?
How about the perfect gift for a loved one?

What you’ll discover here is an expression of the many things that inspire me, and touch my heart. Among them:

My Family and Kids;
The Creative Process;
The Beauty of Everyday Things;
Celebrating the Amazing People in my Life;
Art in All its Forms, Especially Music and Movement;
My Brazilian Roots (“Always room for one more”);
Nature (Flora and Fauna);

All of these inspirations find their way into the works you will encounter here, which bring together my creative passions: Yoga and Painting.

So please take a walk through these pages and enjoy the stroll.